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RB Consult is an HR consultancy company with a strong focus on people and organizations. Our good insight in organizations contributes to our capacity to well define the competencies needed to successfully perform in a specific job.

Our good insight in people contributes to our capacity to define the appropriate systems, processes and procedures to ensure people will perform optimally in their organizational context. 

Robert Bols

Robert (Bert) Bols specializes on leadership assessment and organizational development. Based on his managerial and consulting experience, he works for the public sector as well as for family owned businesses and multinational corporations in Belgium and abroad.  He has executed assignments in Western Europe,  Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia and USA.

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Assessment & Development Centers

An assessment center is an evaluation procedure by which the competencies and the potential of an individual can be identified, and to take, based on this insight, well-founded decisions about hiring, promotion, mutation, development or career planning. Typical for an assessment center is the use of ‘simulations’ or practical exercises, besides more classic techniques like interviews and psychological tests. 


In coaching we focus on the performance within the current role. We aim to eliminate or compensate blockages that hinder a person in performing well, while the potential is present. We follow-up the effectiveness of the coaching via measurable parameters, which are defined during an intake interview.

Career counseling

A number of employees want, at a certain moment in time, give their career another turn, sometimes, but not always, enforced by the circumstances. Together with the concerned employee we explore what he/she really can and wants to do, and which steps might be desirable and useful for their further career.


Competency Management

To define the competencies and expertise needed to be succesfull in a certain job, role, department or organization (values), and to define and implement HR processes based on these competencies and expertise.

Performance Management

To draft a system and to design a proces to steer the functioning and performance of employees, taking into account the goals of the organization.

Process Management

To make an overview of, to structure, define and draft procedures en policies, and to list and optimize organizational processes.

Roles & Responsibilities

To design and describe functions and roles in the current or future organization in order to align responsibilities and accountabilities.



Management Audit

The purpose of a Management Audit is to get insight in the competencies of a group of employees in an organization (for example: all managers, all sales people, all store managers…) and to organize, based on this insight, interventions to raise the effectiveness of the group as a whole. These interventions can focus on individual contributors, on their management of on the organization as a whole.

TribeForce ®

TribeForce is an online software for Talent Management focusing on aligning the interests of the individual employee and the organization in the best possible way. 

The program allows to match the profile of an individual with the requirements of a job or role, and to take well-founded decisions regarding nomination, mutation, career planning and development. Furthermore, the program makes it possible to prepare actions on the organizational level (for example, because of it becomes clear that certain competencies are not strong enough represented).

TribeForce gives the individual not only  the possibility to define his/her profile based on what one can do (and has proven in his/her career), but also on what one likes to do.

The program is easy to use and adaptable to the prevailing management language within the organization. 


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